Week 1: Review

Hey all!

Really sorry I didn’t keep up with the posting throughout my first week of my elimination diet. I totally forgot I had a test and didn’t study until a day before. Whoops. Needless to say this post will be a bit longer! Sorry 😦

First off: OMG this diet is so hard. It’s probably the most difficult mental task I have ever been put through. Constant temptation anywhere and everywhere, working in a restaurant doesn’t help either that’s for sure. For me, the first week was all about craving the breads. Good Lord how I miss bread. I ended up buying some Enjoy life Brown Rice Tortillas, not exactly my cup of tea. Maybe I’m heating them wrong but they always fall apart on me. Boo. It helped with the bread craving though! By the end of my first week the sugar cravings were really starting to kick in. So I invested in some So Delicious Coconut Ice cream in Vanilla Bean. OMG that with some kiwi or peaches and this lady is in heaven. Yes the container is gone. Am I ashamed? No :). The food prep is a bit more difficult as I can’t make as many veggie hefty salads to take to school, since I can’t have tomatoes, eggplant or mushrooms (dying). The one thing that has been helping me a lot is taking rice cakes with mashed avocado on it as a snack. It replaced my avocado on toast πŸ™‚ happy girl.

I have gone back to eating a few servings of meat a week, just to ensure I am getting enough nutrients due to the fact Manitoba is lacking in many types of veggies at reasonable prices during the winter so I have bought a pack of salmon fillets that I ate the first week, then I bought some ground bison as an addition to my pasta, lentils just weren’t cutting it unfortunately. My digestion has definitely slowed down a bit after having bison, maybe fish will be the only thing I can digest properly. It sucks because I have just recently watched a documentary on plastic in the ocean and learning about all the chemicals like DDT etc. found in the plastics that fish are eating really turned me off of them. I knew fish were the filter feeders of the sea and thats why I didn’t like them in the first place. BAD TIMING MOVIE.

A little note on the naturopathic remedies I have been using as recommended. The hemo-gen tastes like tequila, thank goodness it’s once a day. The B-complex makes my pee fluorescent yellow (this is how B5 is metabolized apparently) and the probiotics… well.. they mess with your excretions lets just put it that way! I have noticed that food is getting digested better though. Instead of getting hungry 6 hours after I eat a small bowl of cereal I’m getting hungry within 2-3 hours after eating a massive breakfast!

All in all, it’s been an interesting process. I have cheated once. I had 2 sips of coffee. Shame on me eh. My taste buds have changed a bit already, fruit is a lot sweeter now than before and the flavours of veggies are starting to come through. Even though I’m struggling and really wanted to quit last night I’m trying to push through to use as experience if I do end up becoming a naturopathic physician!

I’ll be doing a few reviews on some specialty foods I bought during this process soon πŸ™‚ stay tuned!

Your fellow human,


Visiting a Naturopathic Doctor: The results

Hello everybody!

So as some of you may know, I saw a ND yesterday for the first time. How was my experience you ask? In one word. Amazing. Why?

1. I never once felt rushed during the appointment (I was there for an hour and a half and she was trying to finish up so I could be on time for work)
2. She took time to go through EVERY aspect of my life: work, school, past medical history, family medical history, stress, fulfillment etc.)
3. She gave me herbal tea for my appointment πŸ™‚ ❀ I love tea.
4. She used every aspect of my past medical history as an idea of what could be happening with my digestive system. From the 7 years in total on antibiotics to a hernia that I didn't know could be related to my problems.
5. Gave a bunch of ideas on what the best course of action would be for me, and let me pick which would work best AT THIS TIME.

Wow. As someone who is considering Naturopathic Medicine for a career, it was truly an eye opening experience into just a very small part of what they do as physicians. It really made me start considering it as a potential choice.

What did she have to say about my digestion?
To put it simply, the amount of antibiotics and prescription medication I was on as a child and young adult royally screwed up my gastrointestinal area.

What is the course of action?
For starters. I will be doing an elimination diet. For those who don't know, you take out all potential allergens or inflammatory foods from your diet for 3 weeks. This includes: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nightshades, frozen and canned veggies, almonds, peanuts, bananas, citrus fruits, strawberries and melons. I think there is a few more but I will write up a post later fully on this and my journey through it! After that you slowly start re-introducing the foods you took out one by one every 3 days. If there is no reaction, keep it in your diet and re-add another. If there is then you know that it has been causing some inflammation!

During this time I will also be taking iron drops, since the type of iron she wanted to use she had to grab from home. She did not want to sell me a bottle if I couldn't handle it. It's not like any other type of iron pill, it's a tissue cell salt. I'm super excited to try this as it is a form of homeopathy, and I would really like to experience something like that before I decide to apply and go to naturopathic college. I will also be taking a heavy duty probiotic, as well as a B-complex alongside my B12 vitamin. It turns out that being on oral contraceptives can deplete your B vitamins (would've been nice to know that when they told me I was deficient in B12). Seriously.

I learned more in the hour and a half from my naturopath than I did from 15 different doctors over 4 years, including specialists, hematologists, family doctors, pediatricians. WHAT DO THEY EVEN DO?! I get that they are busy but if I ever became an MD I don't think I could rush through patients like that. I am a very compassionate person and I think that's what makes me want to become and ND. I want to be able to spend time with my patients, go through every possible potential symptom and see how the body as a WHOLE is working. Bodies do not work in compartments, everything is connected.

So for now that is what I will be doing until I go see her again before I start re-introducting new foods into my diet. I'm really excited for this journey and I hope you get inspired and maybe go see a ND for your health as well!

Your fellow human,

*********I am not a doctor, I am simply sharing what MY PERSONAL journey to health is going to be. It is different for every single person. Please talk to a doctor whether be MD or ND before going on any form of restrictive diet or vitamin program.**********

Visiting a Naturopathic Doctor

Hello everybody!

Guess what? IM DONE MY TESTS BEFORE READING WEEK! YAHOO!! Actually though. I’m beyond excited. Words cannot express. I had my first Organic Chemistry II midterm this morning, surprisingly I think I did pretty well. I studied so damn hard though. Excuse my French.

Onto topic though! I’m going for my initial consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor Tuesday afternoon! I’ve wanted to for a while and recently I really got fed up with how my digestive system operates and decided to take the plunge. I’m super excited though. I hope it works!

Actually, lately I’ve really been toying with the idea of applying to the CCNM in Toronto next year. I really truly have wanted to become a doctor, and you all know my opinions on the concepts of prescription drugs (not fond). My family knows a couple of them so ever since I was a pre-teen I have known what they did and their philosophy. Even then I knew that was right.

I’ll update everybody on how my appointment goes, also a post later on about my 5 goals and how I have switched a couple up!

Time to relax before work πŸ™‚

Your fellow human,

Weekly Grocery List + prep!

I finally got grocery shopping today! Between 3 places (I’ll explain why) I only spent $65.00 for 2 people. FOR TWO PEOPLE. Whoever says eating healthy is expensive has got another thing coming! This week wasn’t even totally “healthy” per say. I did stock up on a few goodies for myself and my mom, as everyone needs to do occasionally. This is my list:


Everything highlighted in yellow is what was on sale this week. Do you see how insanely expensive the peaches and grapes were?? OMG I wanted to die at the counter. There is a reason why MOST weeks I buy frozen fruit in bulk for smoothies and bananas/apples/oranges. They are the cheapest and most versatile. I was planning on buying canteloupe since it was on sale but for the price of 2.25 they were tiny as heck and no one wants that.. I could have ate two for breakfast myself! 5.00 breakfast? No thanks. That’s not how college kids do it.

Yes I bought Daiya shreds, I love them so much. I have been having a bad grilled cheese craving lately so I decided to get some. It usually lasts a while as long as I keep it in a very tight container so I don’t have to use the whole gosh darn bag within a week. My tummy can’t handle that.

Meal prep this week was pretty easy. I’m currently soaking my beans for the chilli I will be making tomorrow using my new pressure cooker (in love). Also tomorrow I will be making some chickpea spinach burgers! Today I made someΒ sriracha coated baked tofu with garlic and pepper for sandwiches. I’ll tell you one thing, I love the pre-pressed tofu 1000x better than the stuff I bought before Superstore got that in. Ugh it’s a mess and way more expensive. Noted! Other than that I still have a bunch of produce from last week hanging around in my fridge, that’s why you don’t see any greens on that list. Currently there are 2 bunches of spinach sitting, waiting to be eaten soon.

Goal update:
Oil pulling has still been going well, I didn’t do it twice this weekend as I was at my boyfriends and forgot to bring it with me. Fail. My teeth have consistently been getting whiter so I’m pretty excited! Also my tooth pain has subsided. BONUS. There is a reason why it has on the back of the Vega One container that it “may cause detox/cleanse-like effects”. JEEZE. Today will be my third day of the first week taking it and holy moly does it cleanse. You get my drift. Feeling pretty good though! I was doing well waking up early but last night I woke up at 3am and didn’t fall back asleep till my boyfriend left for work at 6am. He doesn’t like soft beds so when he stays over he tosses and turns and kicks me off the bed, thus ensuring I don’t sleep. So after he left I went back to bed for another hour before studying. I haven’t done my liquid day yet. Not 100% sure when I will. Could be tomorrow but I do close at work (2am) so that might not be convenient. We will see! As for tea, WINNING! Doing well April, keep it up.

If you like seeing my grocery list and meal prep for the week let me know in the comments or like this post!
Thanks for all the support ❀

Your fellow human,

Goals for February

Hey all!

Wowzers it’s been a long time since I wrote last! Sorry about that, between working almost full time and going to school I’ve been exhausted and have had no time to myself! At least the money is good πŸ˜‰

So for the Month of February I have decided to set myself some goals/challenges to see how these little tweaks can change up my life! They are as follows:

1. Have 1 scoop of Vega One (Berry flavour) new formula 5x a week.
2. Wake up between 5am and 7am.
3. Oil pull every morning.
4. Have 1 cup of tea each morning after oil pulling and before breakfast.
5. Once a week have a liquid day: smoothies, juices (made from real fruits and veg), water and tea.

Those are my 5 goals for the month! I feel like this should be something I should do every month. Well, we shall see how that goes! I will update weekly on if I have reached my goal for that week, how I’m feeling etc. etc.

Lets investigate these goals a bit deeper shall we?

1. Have 1 scoop of the new Vega One formula 5x a week.
I bought the new formula based on the simple fact that they doubled their greens per scoop (was 3, now 6), upped their protein and decreased their sodium. You can read about the new formula here. I originally got it because of the probiotics in it as well as the greens. I have a very slow digestive system and was hoping the probiotics might help with that. Eating enough greens is also difficult for me, that’s another challenge for another month!

2. Wake up between 5 and 7am each day.
The biggest reason for this one is that for the next 2 weeks 3/9 girls we have working in the lounge I serve at are heading off to Mexico. Thus meaning I have to work 6 shifts a week while in school and finishing up my last test before reading week. Needless to say I need extra time to study and prepare myself. This goal is also in conjunction with goals 3 and 4 as well πŸ™‚

3. Oil pull every morning.
I have oil pulled before, it makes your teeth whiter, breath fresher and teeth hurt less if you have sensitive teeth (like me). It takes a whopping 20 minutes out of your life, in which you could be catching up on some light cleaning (folding laundry, sweeping etc.) or washing your face and putting makeup on/getting dressed. So far I have done this every day this week and my teeth have already gotten whiter, thank goodness!

4. Have one cup of tea each morning before breakfast.
I feel so much better throughout the day if I drink tea first thing. I’m naturally a very cold person (hehe) and I find the tea helps me stay warmer throughout the day so I’m not shivering every time I take my winter coat off! It also cleanses me out before I put anything back in (you get what I mean) with my breakfast. Whereas water doesn’t do this too much to me, even with lemon.

5. Once a week have a liquid day.
This one is more of a challenge to me. As you know my digestive system is very slow and I’m hoping that by letting it take a bit of a break once a week it will treat me a bit nicer πŸ™‚ if you have any awesome smoothie recipes let me know, I would love to try!

Well I best be off and keep studying. I promise I will post more! Probably sometime this weekend after work. Enjoy your beautiful days off πŸ™‚

Your fellow human,

Back at it!

Hello all!

Well today is day 2 of getting back to finally eating plant foods again. For the life of me I couldn’t chew anything after getting my teeth out so I was stuck eating unhealthy processed artificial foods. Yuck. In reality it is 23 days since I started my whole new year’s kick, and I think it’s been going really well! I know I haven’t really lost any weight but I can tell I’m losing body fat and gaining muscle = awesome!!

Yesterday’s workout consisted of: 12, 10, 8 reps of assisted pull-ups with 105lbs of help 😦 I’ll get better. 3 sets of 12 hyperextensions with 10lbs. Then the WOD! OMG I DIED. LITERALLY GUYS. I DIED. 21-15-9 (scaled) of dumbbell cleans (I’m not strong enough to use the bar yet) with 20 lbs total, then one legged squats right Β then left. Seriously those dumbbell cleans were killer! Definitely as bad or dare I say it WORSE than burpees. I know. Crazy thought. I had to do the 21 cleans in probably 6 sets because my lungs were on fire! Felt soooooo good after not working out for a week though! My total time was 12:44 so I didn’t think that was too bad. I just love those WOD πŸ™‚

I still might head to the gym tonight, not 100% sure yet though. I would have gone earlier but I’ve been working almost full time the past week and seriously needed to catch up on some homework/studying. Le sigh. But money.

Anywho, still considering putting up weekly grocery lists on Mondays since I go shopping on Sundays. Might be kind of fun for me to do πŸ™‚ anyone else really love grocery shopping? No? Just me. Ok then.

Speaking of studying I should get ready for work then start my psych definitions for my test Thursday.

Thanks for reading!

Your fellow human,


No strength

Good (Maybe) morning everybody!

Today is the fourth day after getting my teeth out and guess what?! My gums are still bleeding every so often, especially after my bright idea last night to try some boiled pierogies (dumb dumb April)… the bruising on my chin/cheeks is slowly disappearing but I have noticed some blue around the corners of my mouth appearing this morning. No wonder I still can’t smile. Sighz.

Due to all of these glorious reasons:

NO I have not started working out again, they say to “avoid strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours”, but at this point in time I still cannot lay flat on my bed (I’ve been sleeping on the couch propped up) without getting a major headache and going numb all over. Trust me, this is probably one of the most difficult parts of this week. I would LOVE to get back at my pull-up and pistol progressions and sweat it out for 45 minutes at the gym but noooooooo. I would probably rip my stitches known me. Boo.

Tylenol #3 make you extremely EXTREMELY constipated. TMI but I’ve gone 17 days without a single movement, that was brutal but I could at least still eat. This time I’m obviously not getting any fibre living off of jello and cream of mushroom/chicken noodle soups. It’s as if everything that was in there before hidden in all of it’s little nooks and crannies is coming out to play and refuses to move. Lemon water you say? Nope sorry can’t use a straw for a week afterwards and I don’t want the acid killing my already messed up teeth. I mean come on, I already have problems with my intestines now I have to deal with this too! Thank god for a plant based diet once I can actually EAT real food again, it should get things a-flowing.

I have virtually no strength, grip or body-wise. My boyfriend stayed over last night and slept in my bed while I was on the couch. I had to wake up at 4am to take my very last anti-inflammatory (YIPPEE) pill and I couldn’t physically push myself off the couch, let alone roll over to get off and take it. Luckily his alarm goes off at that time so he could help me. Also yesterday I couldn’t carry my bag around school and I constantly felt like I was either gonna vomit or pass out. I’m seriously hoping that phase is over now that I’m done my pills but I know the mouthwash I have to use will do the same. Sad girl.

What’s my plan of attack you may ask? Well for now,Β I’m pretty much eating what I can. Lately I’ve been having entire cans of cream of mushroom soup for breakfast with a side of jello. Today I might embark on a journey of some applesauce or banana ice cream. Mom suggested she gets me a green smoothie with a fibre booster and pours it into a bowl for me so I can eat it, stupid straws. Just might have to take her up on that offer if my tummy doesn’t start cooperating. I have to work tonight and I’m kind of hoping people feel bad for me and leave me more as a tip πŸ˜‰ am I a bad person? Maybe. Seriously I can barely open my mouth enough to get a spoonful of jello into it never mind asking “did you want to add cheese or bacon to that clubhouse of yours?”. Maybe I’ll write a funny blog about that later when I’m all done hehe.

Have a fantabulously great day everybody!

Your fellow human,


Pretty much my entire diet right about now. So many artificial colours <3

Pretty much my entire diet right about now. So many artificial colours ❀